After Sales Service

After Sales Service in North America

In our After Sales Service department, we have our own skilled team of assembly supervisors who work all over the world with appropriate personnel to integrate our high-tech equipment reliably into your factories and existing production processes.

AZO takes new approaches to shorten assembly and commissioning times. We create modular construction units which can be installed cost-effectively and extended easily when needed. You can count-on AZO’s continued service support after the commissioning stage. We are considered to be pioneers in the bulk material handling industry in the use of "teleservice” systems, i.e. remote diagnosis and maintenance support. For example, back in the Eighties, we installed process control systems with integrated teleservice packages in Korea and New Zealand. This meant that we were able to provide our customers with fast, reliable support, even via long-distance.

Through intensive operator training sessions and our policy of involving customer personnel at an early stage, we are able to assure seamless and rapid familiarization with these new technologies. This approach has meant that, in many major projects, our customers have been able to operate their equipment independently and to their satisfaction within a very short period of time. At AZO, our After Sales Service is staffed by experienced specialists who can deliver fast support using leading-edge document management systems, assuring our customers a quick-delivery of spare parts and wear components.

Providing Installation & Support Services in North America

The AZO Customer Service team provides installation, installation supervision, after sales support and service, troubleshooting and remote diagnostics. We believe that success is in the details and this philosophy delivers high customer satisfaction and instills a strong sense of loyalty.

Knowledge, experience and 24 / 7 availability and connectivity – it’s no wonder that our customers tell us they receive better service from AZO than from any other supplier.

Contact Mike Nichols twenty four hours a day 7 days a week for your customer service needs.


Customer Serivce Contact:

Mike Nichols
Customer Service Manager

Tel: (901) 794-9480 ext 373
Cell: (901) 481-1312



Spare Parts & Service Needs in North America

Our friendly and courteous customer service staff is always available for questions and order placement for the key replacement parts to keep your AZO system running at peak efficiency. Whether it is a small replacement part or a new component, they are committed to the fastest resolution to your needs. Located in Memphis, “America’s Distribution Center”, we are ideally located to provide you with the fastest parts service available.

Call our Toll free number, or write our team of experts for all your spare parts and service needs.




Spare Parts Contact:

Kasey Latham
Customer Service Rep


Toll free number: (800) 880-9830
Direct Line:  (901) 531-6031