Join AZO at IBIE 2019 Baking Expo

September 8 – 11, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, visit Booth #5213 for the U.S. debut and demonstration of the COMPONENTER® Step.
Bill Nesti, AZO® VITAL Sales Manager
Bill Nesti
AZO® VITAL Sales Manager
Bill's vast experience in the entire ingredient automation and manufacturing process can help you determine the right solution.
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Kevin Pecha, AZO® FOOD Sales Manager
Kevin Pecha
AZO® FOOD Sales Manager
With 20+ years' experience, Kevin can help you find the right system or equipment solution for your baking facility.
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Zach Turner, AZO® FOOD Sales Engineer
Zach Turner
AZO® FOOD Sales Engineer
The AZO® FOOD team focuses on systems and equipment for Baking, Spices, Snacks, and Cereal. Meet with Zach at the Baking Expo 2019.
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Mike Miller, AZO® VITAL Sales Engineer
Mike Miller
AZO® VITAL Sales Engineer
As part of the AZO® VITAL sales team, Mike specializes in equipment and systems for Confectionery and Dairy manufacturing.
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What to Expect at the Baking Expo 2019

September 8 – 11, 2019
Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth #5213

Introducing the COMPONENTER® Step to the U.S. Market

AZO will debut the AZO COMPONENTER® Step at Booth #5231 at IBIE 2019, and is happy to answer questions about how the system can improve the automation and material flow of small ingredients. 

“It’s a pretty slick little system,” Chuck Kerwin, AZO General Manager says. “It is relatively low priced in comparison to the other componenter products. Within the baking industry, it fills a very specific need for being able to automate small ingredient dosing.”

The FOOD and VITAL teams will be demonstrating how the COMPONENTER® Step can help make a process to weigh multiple ingredients into a mixture or extruder more automatic. 

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