High Quality Industrial Screening Equipment

AZO's industrial screeners prevent foreign material in bulk solids and liquids from entering the production process. It’s crucially important to product quality in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and plastic industries. Our remarkable screeners safely check the individual ingredients before, during and after processing. This ensures adherence to HACCP specifications. Our configurator (to the right) can help you find an industrial screener that's right for you. 

AZO Industrial Screeners Eliminate Worry

Top-notch production requires high quality raw materials without impurities. AZO's screeners prevent foreign material in bulk solids and liquids from entering the production process. Advantages of using AZO screeners include: aeration, fractioning, and breaking of lumps. As an important element in AZO conveying systems, screening systems contribute considerably to quality assurance. Start moving your bulk material with much less worry. 

Selecting The Best Bulk Bag Unloader for Your Business

An Engineers & Executives Guide to specifying, justifying, buying and deploying the right bulk discharge solution.

This guide is for engineers, operations and business executives. It takes a systematic and logical approach to specify the key features you need, justifying the capital expense, and comparing competitive bulk bag unloaders. Our free, 14-page downloadable guide can help:

  • Reduce material costs
  • Improve worker safety
  • Reduce waste and spillage
  • Options for optimizing flow
  • Upgrade existing lines
  • Eliminate costly labor

Comparing big bag unloaders should be pretty simple. However, this is often the only place your raw materials are exposed to contamination and your workers are at risk with heavy FIBCs. So take your time and do your research. 

Download the Guide