AZO Inc. To Share Benefits of Automated Systems at Ceramics Expo 2019

Gus Carrington

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Apr 25, 2019

As ceramics manufacturers are looking to automate, reduce costs and increase accuracy, one event will offer an opportunity for more than 300 global manufacturers and suppliers to gain technical expertise, view real-world case studies and share information on industry trends.

Ceramics Expo, the leading annual supply chain exhibition for advanced ceramics and glass, will take place April 30 through May 1 at the International Exposition Center in Cleveland, Ohio. In its fifth year, the expo aims to bring engineers, decision makers and from the entire advanced ceramics and glass supply chain together.

AZO Inc. has one specific goal in mind for its second appearance at Ceramics Expo, according to David Wall, the sales manager in chemical markets at AZO Inc.

“We want to expose ceramics customers to automated systems and how to improve them” Wall said. 

Major-, minor- and micro-handling systems are included among the systems AZO will showcase at the expo.

Chuck Kerwin, general manager of AZO Inc., said AZO is excited for this year because the company excels at taking new ideas being produced on a small scale and turning them into larger-scale products.

“We are always looking for customers with new and exciting challenges,” Kerwin said. “AZO has 70 years of dry material handling experience so we know how to solve problems.”

These problems include helping products scale up from research and development to factory production. AZO seeks to take fresh ideas out of the lab and into an industrial application.

Wall stated that AZO has extensive experience worldwide with automating the powder handling systems of major catalytic market leaders and focuses on increasing the automation of major, minor and micro ingredients. AZO consistently strives to increase throughput while increasing accuracy.

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