AZO USA Announces Stock Program for Fast Delivery of Bulk Bag Unloaders Across Continental US

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Sep 6, 2018

New program will allow buyers to specify and build a super sack unloader for rapid shipment from Memphis, TN

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AZO Logo-01AZO, Inc. announced today a new program for rapid shipment of customizable, customer specified bulk bag unloaders. Using data from thousands of installations in food, bakery, confectionery, pharmaceutical and chemical factories the AZO engineering team found that many requirements can be fulfilled with a specific set of modular components which will be available for stock shipment from AZO’s centralized Memphis facility.

Standard modular components will accommodate situations including low ceiling height, hopper product storage, product massage pads and vibration to assist with product discharge. Systems will incorporate AZO’s extensive safety features including full safety plate below the bulk sack, massage pads which eliminate pinch points, safety clips on the lifting rack, electric hoist and engineered rigid design.

All systems will incorporate AZO’s unique bag spout clamping design which provides adaptability to variability in bag spouts, creates an air-tight seal to eliminate leakage or contamination, and provides a simple, repeatable process for operators to ensure fast and consistent bag changeovers.

Buyers can use a simple configurator to match equipment modules to their application requirements. The configurator will provide a proposal, system drawing and simple path to order for interested buyers. It’s available online here.

“We’re excited to bring the value of German engineered process equipment to US manufacturers - with fast, domestic shipment and support.” commented Chuck Kerwin, General Manager and 20 year veteran of AZO, Inc. “Companies hate to compromise on the quality of bulk bag unloader that they buy, but they often need it up and running quickly. Now we’ll be able to deliver anywhere in the continental US in just a couple weeks.”

AZO’s traditional bulk bag discharge equipment customers include companies making a switch to bulk sacks and those already using the equipment. Zach Turner, technical sales for snack foods and bakery notes “Not only do we have a number of projects helping multinationals add capacity or manage new ingredients with different bulk densities, but we also see more SMBs eager to reduce material costs and labor expense in today’s tight workforce environment.”

Bulk bag unloaders help companies realize substantial savings in material cost by switching from 50lb bags to 2,000lb bulk totes. Additionally they eliminate the injury prone tasks of bending, lifting, twisting and cutting which often require several workers to manage 50lb bags in a typical operation. Waste disposal costs are also reduced as single, empty bags are discarded in place of 40 bulky and dusty sacks.

“Safety is driving more and more of the decision making in the market.” adds Mike Miller, technical sales for pharmaceutical and confectionery. “We’ve designed our modular stock bulk bag unloaders to incorporate a wide range of safety features so that no person or company has to choose between quick delivery and the safety of their workers.”

In addition to the stock, modular components, AZO will help customers to customize their system according to bulk bag unloading requirements. Available options include empty bulk bag collapse to reduce dust leakage from empty bags, independent dust control air management for the big bag connection, and various interfaces for downstream equipment.

Companies that are interested in adding or replacing bulk bag unloading equipment can learn more at where they can access the system configurator as well as other resources.

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AZO, Inc. engineers, builds and installs components and complete systems for bulk material handling requirements. A wholly owned subsidiary of AZO GmbH, the company supports US customers with technical support from it’s central US location and rapid parts delivery given its proximity to FedEx’s Memphis hub. AZO equipment is used in companies ranging from small, family owned businesses through the world’s best known industrial and consumer products companies. AZO equipment is widely used in industries including food, snack, bakery, chemical, plastics, confectionery and pharmaceutical.