AZO to Offer Services and Solutions at PACK Expo 2021

Gus Carrington

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Sep 17, 2021

With a capital “O-N,” PACK Expo exclaims on their site that the Las Vegas event set for Sept. 27-29 is indeed “ON.” As projected registrations reach 16,000 attendees, equipment manufacturer AZO will join the fray to offer services and solutions for packing and processing across various industries. 

Though the landscape of trade shows has experienced a lot in the time since, AZO heavily promoted the COMPONENTER® Step batching system at PACK 2019. VITAL sales engineer Mike Miller says innovations like these are solving problems that manufacturers are experiencing across the board.

“Manual processes are becoming more and more of a challenge because it's increasingly difficult to find qualified labor to accomplish many tasks,” Miller said. “Let's take that problem out of the equation and replace it with automation.”

The integrated dosing screw of a DA 360 model screener from AZO

Miller also said there are “indirect benefits” that arise as a result of choosing to automate processes.

“Typically, when our customers implement more automation, it opens up some possibilities for how they receive materials,” Miller said. “At an increase in the upfront cost of the capital expense, it’s possible to significantly reduce operational expenses over time.”

The primary device AZO will promote at PACK Expo is the DA 360 Screener, a screening device worth noting for its integrated feeding screw. AZO application engineer Megan Wilson said the device offers additional benefits related to safety and product repeatability.

“Demand has increased for all sorts of materials over the last year,” Wilson said. “Though the future is uncertain, AZO screeners can keep our customers’ quality consistent."

AZO Sales Manager for Food Group David Wall agreed that the bulk material industry has changed, but that customers’ needs are consistent with what they were pre-pandemic.

“Customers are still looking to improve their systems in order to increase accuracy, reduce hand-weighing, automate their powder-handling and eliminate dust,” Wall said. “AZO offers customers well-planned powder-handling automation in order to increase efficiency and accuracy. We provide systems that perform for decades into the future.”

Modular Big Bag Unloader at PACK EXPO 2018

General manager Chuck Kerwin said that, for PACK 2021, he most looks forward to the opportunity to help find solutions for old customers and friends with various manufacturing problems. 

“The Delta variant has slowed down much of the momentum of capital equipment orders, but manufacturers are also having real problems hiring people,” Kerwin said. “Those that are higher-skilled are becoming harder to find. The advantage AZO offers, aside from our equipment, is our experience solving real-world problems.”

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