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AZO Big Bag Filling System

Flexible modules, individual solutions Reduced personnel costs, less packaging waste, lower disposal costs, easy handling: In recent years, the big bag has become a permanent fixture in bulk goods handling due to its suitability as a cheap and practical container for conveying and storage. With the powerful filling systems from AZO you can achieve optimum benefits from big bags for your production processes.

As a reliable partner for raw material and process automation, we offer a range of solutions for filling big bags. These solutions are distinguished by their high level of reliability and operator-friendliness. There is a big bag filling system based on our intelligent, modular components for every requirement, designed exactly according to your specifications. Food and pharmaceutical versions are also available, for both low and high levels of throughput. Flexibility is key. Our flexible filling systems allow you to respond rapidly and easily to different sizes of big bags, irrespective of their height, width or length.

Your AZO advantages

  • Ergonomic handling
  • Fast filling
  • Safe ventilation
  • Flexible adjustment to the height, width and shape of different big bags
  • Automatic filling design if required
  • Intelligent modular technology
  • Optimum solution for any requirement
  • ATEX-compliant solutions if required

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