Powerful Bag Filling Systems to Achieve Optimum Performance

Big bags have become a permanent fixture in the handling of bulk goods. With reliable bag filling systems from AZO, you can get the most out of your big bags in production. Experience a high level of reliability paired with an operator-friendly setup for the ultimate solution.

The Benefits You Can Expect

Based on intelligent, modular components, AZO's big bag filling systems are available in a variety of configurations to meet individual requirements. As a reliable partner for raw material and process automation, you depend on each AZO system configuration to:

  • Reduce personnel costs
  • Minimize packaging waste
  • Reduce disposal costs
  • Simplify overall handling

How AZO's Big Bag Filling Systems Work

AZO's big bag filling systems are tailored to specific requirements. While volumetric filling systems can be used for internal big bag handling, gravimetric filling systems are available in the form of floor scales, hanging scales, and upstream scales. The system’s filling spigot can be customized for perfect docking, while secure stands can be adapted to suit all common big bag sizes. Bag inlet spouts can be closed with either heat sealing or bag sewing as options. Identification methods ensure that the big bags filled are clearly identified, with full documentation available for subsequent processing.


See All the Components of Our Big Bag Filling Systems

AZO Cyclone Screener Model E
For classification and safety screening of solid powders.
AZO Cyclone Screener Model DA
“Low-profile” screener (perfect for buildings with height restrictions).
AZO Cyclone Screener Type FLF
The FLF screener is ideal for screening solids from liquids.
AZO Pneumatic Screener TW650
Screening in pneumatic conveying systems and predominantly used in pressure applications for filling a silo.

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