Precise, Automated Minor and Micro-Batching with AZO

COMPONENTER® batching equipment from AZO offers a highly accurate, automated dosing and weighing system for minor and micro-ingredients. The system is as flexible as it is robust, allowing for unique solutions that can be used in a variety of industries.

The Benefits You Can Expect

Whether you produce food products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or plastics, AZO COMPONENTER® batching equipment can automate your process. In addition to supporting full automation of your factory, AZO's batching equipment allows you to:
  • Eliminate errors and inaccuracies associated with manual operations
  • Reduce the risk of contamination in your production processes
  • Simultaneously weigh and discharge ingredients for increased throughput
  • Expand your system at any time to support growing production needs

How AZO's COMPONENTER® Batching Equipment Works

Raw materials are fed into the top of the COMPONENTER® system and stored. The middle of the system is where the metering, dosing, and weighing of ingredients takes place. At the bottom of the system, ingredients are fed into the next processing step.

The two main COMPONENTER® systems use a circular configuration and a linear configuration. Each configuration has subsystems as well as custom design options.


Browse All of AZO's COMPONENTER Batching Solutions

Provides automatic weighing of minor and micro components, such as pigments, flavorings and additives into a batch container.
COMPONENTER® Linear Design with Mobile Scale
Features several surge bins, each equipped with its own discharge and dosing unit arranged in opposing rows.
COMPONENTER® Linear Design with Mobile Container Batching Equipment
Provides automatic weighing of individual batches in their own containers.
COMPONENTER® Indexing Mode
Provides exact dosing and weighing in operations with a very high batch frequency — and a lot of ingredients and a lot of recipes.
COMPONENTER® Circular Design
Provides a cost-effective solution for automatic total batch weighment for formulas with a small number of ingredients.

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