A Universal Docking System for Material Handling

When transferring product from containers to downstream receptacles, one of the top priorities is protecting both the workplace and operators. AZO's docking system allows for easy handling while preventing environmental contamination. This makes the system ideal for operations with stringent hygiene standards.

The Benefits You Can Expect

While preventing active or otherwise problematic substances from impacting the safety of your workplace and your staff, AZO's docking system offers benefits including:
  • A self-centering system that can tolerate inaccurate positioning
  • A low-level configuration that is suitable to rooms with low ceilings
  • Dust-free discharging that reduces the need for zone definition or ATEX rating
  • Quick-release connectors that make it easy to disassemble and clean containers

How AZO's Docking System Works

Once the BATCHTAINER® is positioned under the docking point, it is lowered or the container is automatically lifted so the docking device’s outlet and the container’s inlet interlock. Using compressed air, the outlet cone above the container presses the spring-loaded closure of the BATCHTAINER® down. This opens the BATCHTAINER inlet, and the bulk material is discharged into it. 

After filling, the upper docking unit is raised, sealing the closure taper in the container again. It’s then that the BATCHTAINER can be moved to a discharge station. Compressed air opens the outlet cone and the product — through an intermittent opening — is discharged to the next processing step.

AZO Cyclone Screener Model E
For classification and safety screening of solid powders.
AZO Cyclone Screener Model DA
“Low-profile” screener (perfect for buildings with height restrictions).
AZO Cyclone Screener Type FLF
The FLF screener is ideal for screening solids from liquids.
AZO Pneumatic Screener TW650
Screening in pneumatic conveying systems and predominantly used in pressure applications for filling a silo.

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