Equip Your Operators With a Safer Way to Unload Super Sacks

AZO’s heavy-duty super sack unloader — or bulk bag unloader, as it’s also called — is designed to unload and discharge any and all materials from bulk bags. With a wide range of options and features to choose from, as well as the ability to configure your own unloader, you’re positioned to maximize safety and efficiency for your unloading operations. 

The Benefits You Can Expect

Bulk bag unloading goes by a lot of different names, including super sack unloading, bulk bag discharging, FIBC emptying, and big bag unloading. But the function and goal is the same: to induct materials into a process safely and cost-effectively. AZO's super sack unloader solutions do this, as well as:

  • Minimize errors and manpower required in the unloading process
  • Prevent product defects, workplace safety issues, and material loss
  • Offer a modular design that can accommodate height and space limitations
  • Provide the option for specialized designs to suit product and application needs

How AZO's Super Sack Unloaders Work

AZO's super sack unloaders combine a series of components to unload and discharge materials. Instead of a forklift, an electric hoist is used to place bulk bags on the safety support table, ensuring operator safety during the process. From a handling perspective, vibration allows for complete discharge, and massage pads allow for consistent flow rates. Completely sealed, the bag spout coupling keeps the process free of dust leaks and contamination. A lower frame allows operators safe and easy access while keeping the material inside the unloader.

Components of AZO's Super Sack Unloaders

Modular Design
For height and space limitations, hoist and bag handling, and storage.
Hoist & Clearance
Electric hoists, ideal for low and standard ceiling heights with an engineered rigid frame.
Safety & Bag Handling
Full safety plate protects operators. Vibration plate for complete discharge. Massage pads for consistent flow rates.
Bag Spout Coupling
Completely sealed: dust, leak, and contamination free.
Continuous operation with various volume options to simplify bag changes.
Lower Frame
Protects storage with safe operator access.

Build Your Own

Configure the right bulk bag discharging product to fit your needs.