Resin Handling Solutions

Manage Dust and Carcinogens with AZO’s Resin Handling Expertise

Used in many products, resin’s unique characteristics require experienced design and engineering to create your optimal bulk handling system.

Resin Attributes
Low High
soft hard
Solid delicate
Low High
free-flowing poor
not high
Bulk Density (lb/CF)
light heavy
particle Size
Coarse fine

Resin Handling: Overview

Incorporated into a variety of products in unique and exacting formulations, resin is a diverse ingredient category that includes applications in PVC dry blends, plastics, and chemicals. Further, it is often toxic and generates highly combustible dust. These critical attributes can make successfully conveying it safely and without clogs challenging. AZO’s engineering team carefully considers each of these factors to ensure the design of a bulk resin handling system is safe, reliable, and dust free.

Resin Handling: Common Challenges

Resin requires special handling to prevent deformation.
Resin requires special handling to prevent deformation.

Due to its abrasive nature, the friction generated as resin moves through a conveyor line can cause heat. This heat can melt the resin’s surface, which can create streamers (also known as angel hairs). Softened resin can also stick to the sides of the convey line or elbows. The automated bulk handling system should be engineered to minimize heat to avoid these effects.

Resin must be handled as a hazardous material.
Resin must be handled as a hazardous material.

Resins — as well as liquid plasticizers and other chemicals — must be safely stored, dispensed, and conveyed within an operation. Equipment must be capable of completely containing all hazardous materials to safeguard the health and well-being of employees.

Manufacturers must contain resin dust.
Manufacturers must contain resin dust.

The high volumes of dust generated by resin present both an explosion risk and a personnel hazard. Explosion protection requires either suppression or venting to the outside the facility. There are many types of resins. Most are toxic and many are carcinogens. If not captured and handled property, resin dust creates an unsafe working environment for personnel. Every bulk ingredient handling system must incorporate explosion protection and dust mitigation equipment to protect an operation and its employees.

Resin Handling Systems: Outcomes & Benefits

AZO’s experienced design engineers understand the unique properties of resin. Every bulk resin handling system we design incorporates equipment and solutions that reliably and effectively address the challenges outlined above. As a single-source provider of automated ingredient system equipment, AZO designs and engineers resin handling solutions that enhance both safety and productivity in your facility.

With an AZO resin handling system, your operation will:

  • Ensure product consistency and quality via highly accurate automatic weighing and dosing.
  • Easily accommodate a broad range of resins and related formulations.
  • Safely contain dust to significantly reduce explosion risk and safeguard the health and well-being of employees.
  • Aid material flow when emptying bulk bags or conveying to processing machines.

Questions About Bulk Ingredient Handling?

AZO’s Resin Handling Systems: Equipment & Engineering Solutions

AZO has years of experience handling resins using unique, engineering-centric designs. Your solution will match your unique requirements and be optimized for the safest, most reliable handling process. AZO engineers use the following equipment for resin handling:

Outdoor Silos
For storing material in large volumes
Big Bag Unloaders
For unloading bulk material
Vibratory Bin Bottoms
For aiding the material flow of materials
For unloading bulk material
For sifting unwanted foreign material from a process
AZO®MULTIAIR and SuctionPlus Dense Phase Conveying
For gentle conveying of sensitive materials