The AZO Approach

Comprehensive Design, Engineering, and Support

When you engage AZO to solve your unique bulk material handling system challenge, you get more than just automated ingredient system equipment. You get experienced engineers involved in your entire project from conception to commissioning. Rely on AZO for your comprehensive, single-source powder handling solution.

Step 1

System Design

Companies with bulk ingredient handling operations turn to AZO not only for reliable equipment, but also for comprehensive, experienced, and holistic design consulting. Regardless of your unique process requirements, ingredients handled, or available floorspace, an expert team of design engineers will fully vet your project requirements. To ensure the ultimate success of your automated ingredient system, AZO offers:

Process Evaluation

Before putting a prospective automated ingredient system concept together for you, AZO’s design engineers spend time investigating your process requirements. This ensures the ultimate success of your solution.

Materials Assessment and Lab Testing

Have an unusual ingredient to handle? If AZO hasn’t encountered it before, we’ll test it in our in-house lab. These materials assessments determine the optimal way to store, weigh, and dispense your ingredients.

Learn More about our Lab Testing

Engineering Studies

Every design AZO creates is fully vetted against all pertinent structural, building, and safety codes. For large, complex projects, AZO’s engineering studies confirm that your final automated ingredient system will operate safely and reliably.

Final Design

AZO’s design experts perform a comprehensive final engineering review with your team to verify the planned design will meet all of your process requirements. Upon order, the system proceeds into the project management phase.

Case Study:

Systems design
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Step 2

Project Management & Installation

Upon approval of your automated ingredient system’s design, AZO’s team of project engineers and managers work to produce your solution on time and within budget. They communicate closely with you throughout the manufacturing and build process, then through installation, testing, and commissioning. Your team can also rely on AZO for thorough, qualified:

Available Add Ons:
Project Management

AZO’s detail driven, meticulous project managers monitor your project’s progress from concept through completion. They continuously communicate with you to ensure your bulk handling equipment is a precise match to your specific needs.

Installation Supervision

Your entire installation will be managed by AZO’s experienced project managers and overseen on site by our field technicians from start to finish. This ensures that every detail is addressed, the schedule is met, and that your new automated ingredient system operates reliably from go-live.


Every AZO system is thoroughly tested and inspected by our experienced field service team to verify that all components are functioning as they should. Any adjustments necessary to meet your processing and handling needs are made at this time. AZO stays on site until you are completely satisfied.


No AZO system is complete without comprehensive training of your in-house operations and maintenance personnel. Your team will learn how to properly run, troubleshoot, and maintain your new AZO material handling system.

Case Study:

Project management
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Step 3

Lifetime Support

Your relationship with AZO doesn’t end with the installation of your bulk ingredient handling system. Rather, AZO partners with its customers to ensure their equipment operates reliably for its entire lifespan. You can depend on AZO for customized service and support programs that keep your processing and material handling equipment functioning at the highest level, including:

Spares and Upgrades

All AZO equipment and installations are backed by an extensive customer support team. These highly qualified technicians are available to provide technical support and spare parts for repairs and updates. Additionally, AZO provides on-site field support for your automated ingredient system, to ensure accuracy and dependability.

Production and Technical Support

If your AZO bulk ingredient handling system isn’t performing as expected—or your recipes, blend ratios, or processes have changed—call our experienced production and technical support team. Available by phone and on site, qualified AZO technicians minimize downtime and can assist with modifications to match your changing requirements.

Maintenance and Inspection

For optimal performance, your automated ingredient system needs routine maintenance and inspection. AZO’s qualified service technicians can provide comprehensive assessments and related preventive maintenance to supplement and support your in-house team.


AZO equipment is built to provide decades of reliable, dependable service. But mechanical wear happens. When it does, rely on AZO to extend the useful life of your equipment, regardless of its original build and installation date. Your existing system can be rebuilt at AZO’s facility, restoring it to its original, high-performance state.

Case Study:

Services and support
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