Bag Tipping Station with a Safe, Ergonomic Design

Bag tipping stations, also known as feeding hoppers, feed powders or granular bulk materials into closed systems. From food and beverage ingredients and plastics to chemicals and pharmaceuticals, AZO’s bag tipping stations secure materials with the highest safety requirements, while ensuring the efficiency and ergonomics of the system’s operators.

The Benefits You Can Expect

AZO's bag tipping stations are available either in epoxy-coated mild steel or in stainless steel, with six different surface finishes. Each system features a tight-closing, lockable cover with a vacuum valve, two gas pressure springs for adjusting the cover, a grid, and a bag support tray. Options include integration of a vibration pre-screen for entry control, as well as the addition of a pneumatic rapper, vibration, vibration bottom, or fluidization for reliable discharge of flow-resistant products.

AZO's innovative bag tipping stations allow for:

  • Dust-free feeding to maintain material safety
  • Ergonomic bag handling that reduces repetitive motion injuries
  • Easy maintenance that saves downtime

How AZO's Bag Tipping Stations Work

When the cover of the station is opened, suction automatically starts. The bag is placed on the pick-up table, opened, and then emptied into the closed system by the operator. If a mounted filter is used, the filtered dust settles back into the station. If a central filter station is used, small amounts of dust are sucked into the central filter where they are collected. The most economical of these two filter options depends on the specific task a customer wants to complete.


Browse All of AZO's Bag Tipping Station Solutions

Type ET P
The AZO Standard Hopper Type ET P is equipped with claw supports.
Type ET F
The AZO Standard Hopper Type ET F is equipped with leg supports.
Type ET K
The AZO Standard Hopper Type ET K is equipped with console supports.
Type ET RF
The AZO Standard Hopper Type ET RF is equipped with integrated pre-screener and vibration discharge.

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