Diatomaceous Earth Handling Solutions

Manage Dust and Enhance Flow with AZO’s Diatomaceous Earth Handling Expertise

Used as filter media, diatomaceous earth’s unique characteristics require experienced design and engineering to create your optimal bulk material handling system.

Diatomaceous Earth Attributes
Low High
soft hard
Solid delicate
Low High
free-flowing poor
not high
Bulk Density (lb/CF)
light heavy
particle Size
Coarse fine

Diatomaceous Earth Handling: Overview

A type of crystalline silica made from pulverized sedimentary rock, diatomaceous earth comes in many forms, including pellets, particles, or powder. In its powdered form, this naturally occurring ingredient has a high surface area and light density. It is an ingredient used in a range of beverage and food grade filtration applications and in many industrial applications. Whether it’s used in manufacturing of personal products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or beverage filtration diatomaceous earth powder’s unique characteristics require special material handling solutions. It is prone to producing high amounts of dust, which is a carcinogen. AZO’s engineering team carefully considers each of these factors to ensure the design of a diatomaceous earth handling system is safe, reliable, and dust free.

Diatomaceous Earth Handling: Common Challenges

Proper handling and conditioning of diatomaceous earth is necessary to prevent sticking and clogging.
Proper handling and conditioning of diatomaceous earth is necessary to prevent sticking and clogging.

Due to its fine particle size and relative light weight, handling ingredients like diatomaceous earth can be exceptionally difficult. Prone to sticking, clumping, or bridging, it can easily clog filters, bins, or conveyor lines. Diatomaceous earth’s unique properties must be considered when selecting methods of material storage, conditioning, conveying, emptying, and dispensing.

Manufacturers must contain diatomaceous earth dust.
Manufacturers must contain diatomaceous earth dust.

The high volumes of dust generated by diatomaceous earth powder is both an explosion risk and a personnel hazard. Explosion protection requires containment or venting to the outside of the facility. Diatomaceous earth dust is a carcinogen and, if not captured, creates an unsafe working environment for personnel. Every bulk ingredient handling system for diatomaceous earth must incorporate explosion protection and dust mitigation equipment to protect an operation and its employees.

Food manufacturers using diatomaceous earth must meet hygiene and food safety requirements.
Food manufacturers using diatomaceous earth must meet hygiene and food safety requirements.

Product safety is a critical concern for food manufacturers when using diatomaceous earth, as contamination can not only affect quality, but also pose risks to consumers. Storing, dosing, weighing, or conveying the bulk dry ingredients used in diatomaceous earth is only the first step. Processors of diatomaceous earth must also employ proper hygienic handling practices from the mixer to the packaging lines. Regular sanitation steps — such as wipe downs — are required to eliminate cross-contamination risks, verify cleanliness, and prevent allergen cross-contact.

Diatomaceous Earth Handling Systems: Outcomes & Benefits

AZO’s experienced design engineers understand the unique properties of diatomaceous earth. Every diatomaceous earth bulk handling system we design incorporates equipment and solutions that reliably and effectively address the challenges outlined above. As a single-source provider of automated ingredient system equipment, AZO designs and engineers diatomaceous earth handling solutions that enhance both safety and productivity in your facility.

With an AZO diatomaceous earth powder handling system, your operation will:

  • Condition diatomaceous earth effectively to promote smooth flow.
  • Safely contain dust to safeguard the health and well-being of employees.
  • Aid material flow when emptying bulk bags to prevent downtime.
  • Optimize uptime with equipment that is easy to clean and inspect.

Questions About Bulk Ingredient Handling?

AZO’s Diatomaceous Earth Handling Systems: Equipment & Engineering Solutions

AZO has years of experience handling diatomaceous earth using unique, engineering-centric designs. Your solution will match your unique requirements and be optimized for the safest, most reliable handling process. AZO engineers use the following equipment for diatomaceous earth handling:

Outdoor Silos
For storing material in large volumes
Big Bag Unloaders
For unloading bulk material
Vibratory Bin Bottoms
For aiding the material flow of materials
For unloading bulk material
For sifting unwanted foreign material from a process
AZO®MULTIAIR and SuctionPlus Dense Phase Conveying
For gentle conveying of sensitive materials