Give Vacuum Blowers and Pumps the Reliable Protection They Need

When dust and impurities enter the vacuum generator in a conveying system, it can lead to malfunctions. AZO’s integrated and secondary filters provide an added layer of protection for convey systems. Reliable conveying system operation allows for reliable product feed into processing machines.

The Benefits You Can Expect

AZO's secondary dust filters are used in vacuum conveying systems in the food, plastics, and chemical industries where granulated and powdered bulk materials are processed. While delivering reliable protection for vacuum generators, these large-scale filters also provide the benefits of:

  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Straightforward and quick installation
  • Efficient disposal of collected filter dust

How AZO's Secondary Dust Filters Work

A secondary filter is connected upstream from the vacuum generator. This reliably prevents dust and impurities from entering the generator. 

Dust-laden air from the primary filter on the receiver is directed into the secondary filter through a connector. The filter element is able to separate product dust from delivery air, and dust collects in the filter housing. The cleaned air is routed through the clean air line to the vacuum generator where it is discharged.

Filters are cleaned automatically. Dust that accumulates in the filter housing can be discharged via a manual or automatic opening in the butterfly valve of the collection container that is mounted on the outlet.

AZO Cyclone Screener Model E
For classification and safety screening of solid powders.
AZO Cyclone Screener Model DA
“Low-profile” screener (perfect for buildings with height restrictions).
AZO Cyclone Screener Type FLF
The FLF screener is ideal for screening solids from liquids.
AZO Pneumatic Screener TW650
Screening in pneumatic conveying systems and predominantly used in pressure applications for filling a silo.

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