A Way to Carefully Crush and Right-Size Bulk Materials

Some bulk materials have a tendency to form agglomerates, clods, and lumps. AZO lump breaker units are designed to reliably and gently break apart these chunks of material. It's an assurance materials are clump-free when they reach the next processing step.

The Benefits You Can Expect

AZO's lump breaker units consist of a sturdy housing with inlet and outlet flanges, a crushing device, and a gear motor that is mounted laterally. Alongside their durable and compact design, AZO's lump breakers offer the benefits of:
  • An energy-saving, low-wear configuration
  • Availability in various construction materials
  • Various surface finishes, including electrolytic polish

How AZO's Lump Breaker Units Work

Bulk materials that contain agglomerates, clods, or lumps are fed into the AZO lump breaker through the inlet. The product is first crushed by the crushing device and then transferred to the following production process through the passing sieve. Various unit versions with different crushing devices and passing sieves are available.


Browse AZO's Lump Breaker Solutions

KB 300 Q
Sturdy, compact cubic design.
KB 300 R
Reliable and gentle crushing with a round design.
KB 500 R
Round design with larger bearing size.
KB 500 Q
Cubic design with double tool and passing sieve.
KBW 500 Q
Cubic design with roll crusher tool for gentle crushing of very large lumps.
Mobile Lump Breaker Station
Can be employed anywhere in the production facility.

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