How AZODOS Handles Ingredient Flow to Maintain Dosing Consistency

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Consistency is key when it comes to handling raw materials in a continuous dosing process. You never want your continuous feeder to come up short and not have enough time during operation. It’s also not ideal to have an excess of material, and you don’t want interruptions to occur during your continuous operation.

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When it comes to product flow, the different components of a continuous feeder have to work in concert with one another to meet expectations of flow and consistency. An AZODOS does just that. As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, there are three different model types (with five different sizes) of the AZODOS dosing unit — all built to handle precise amounts of ingredients. No matter the AZODOS model, precise feeding rates can be achieved, thanks to a few key components of the AZODOS. 

An AZODOS’ agitator ensures dosing consistency 

How is consistency achieved from the feeder or discharge of an AZODOS loss-in-weight feeder? The answer is the agitator. It accomplishes this even with materials that are not easily handled or free-flowing. 

AZODOS Agitator

The AZODOS’ agitator rotates and forces material down into the screw feeder flights. The screw feeder moves the material from the feeder bin. The agitator helps maintain a constant flow by keeping the screw flights full. This also ensures accuracy.

The AZODOS’ screw options ensure consistent product flow

End-product integrity is also ensured by consistent ingredient flow. Consistent products are impossible to make if the recipes are constantly changing due to ingredient variability. No matter what the product’s flow characteristic, there is a screw type to meet your quality standards.

screw variants

Screw variants available for double screw dosing systems include spiral (top), full-flight (middle) and double concave screws (bottom)

An AZODOS’ screw options include spiral, full-flight and concave designs. Spiral screws are used for granular or sticky products. The full-flight screws are used for free-flowing materials. Double concave screws are utilized for materials that have a fluid-like consistency and would flush through the full-flight screws. The full-flight and spiral options are also available in double screw arrangements to increase feed rates. 

An AZODOS’ controller ensures real-time ingredient flow

What if the flow requires adjustment or alteration during operation? Can a feeder adapt ingredient flow in real-time? The AZODOS controller makes real-time changes to the screw speed by adjusting the variable frequency drives. The result is a consistent material flow

How are these real-time adjustments made? Load cells on the AZODOS hopper transmit weighments from each cell. A summation box combines the signals from multiple load cells and sends real-time data to the integrated scale controller. Data is then sent to the PLC, and screw speed is adjusted. Unlike the DFS screw feeder, which runs at a consistent speed, an AZODOS adjusts screw speed with real-time data from its load cells.  

The controller operation also depends on what mode the AZODOS is set to. Negative scaling for batches changes from two different speeds: course and fine feed. Feeding starts with coarse feed and as the product reaches the desired weight, fine feed is activated to slow the product feed. Loss-in-weight feeding involves small, constant adjustments of the auger speed. In this mode, calculations by the controller determine flow rate speed and changes the rate at which the material is dispensed by the feeder. 


An AZODOS is easy-to-clean

Ease of maintenance can minimize production downtime significantly. The more time it takes to clean equipment, the less time there is to produce product. Inspection and cleaning of equipment is often a direct result of accessibility.  

This is why an AZODOS’ feed screw itself is mounted on extraction rails with quick-release clamps. The drive and auger slide out for easy cleaning and inspection. In addition to consistent sanitation of the equipment itself, quick product changeovers are facilitated by an easy-to-clean device like an AZODOS.   

Easy-to-clean accessibility is a staple of many AZO advancements, such as our DA Cyclone Screener. The AZODOS is our latest innovation, but we have many years of experience in bringing innovative German designs to American consumers.

If you’d like to learn more about our part in shaping the ingredient automation industry, please contact our devoted sales team. 


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