AZO Inc. Shines in Industrial Talk Podcast: A Wrap-Up of Three Insightful Episodes

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At AZO Inc., we are committed to bringing you valuable insights and perspectives from the forefront of industrial innovation. In our ongoing effort to provide you with the latest industry trends and expertise, we've recently featured three captivating episodes from the Industrial Talk podcast on our blog. Today, we're thrilled to offer you a summary of these insightful conversations all in one place.

Episode 1: Solving Today's Material Handling Challenges

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In our first episode, Mike Miller, AZO's Director of Sales, featured prominently. The episode explores how AZO is solving today’s material handling challenges and leveraging industrial conferences for powerful collaboration. Listen to this episode to learn more about the world of material handling and the opportunities ahead within the AZO Sales Team.

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Episode 2: Maintenance Accessibility, Ergonomics and Safety with Casey King

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Casey King, Director of Engineering & Operations for AZO, took the spotlight in our second episode. She talks about maintenance accessibility, ergonomics and safety considerations in your material handling solution. Casey provides an overview of common challenges and opportunities in the material handling industry, and how companies can address these challenges to improve their efficiency offered by the AZO engineering team.

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Episode 3: Skilled Trades with Spider Henson

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In the last episode, Stacy "Spider" Henson, a Senior Field Technician for AZO,  provides an overview of skilled trades, opportunities (particularly in the electrical and mechanical industries), and challenges in finding skilled field service technicians, and lastly how to find and retain this talent. We hope you find this point of view from the AZO Service Team interesting.

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AZO Inc. is proud to contribute to platforms like the Industrial Talk podcast. We believe in the power of sharing knowledge, fostering innovation, and building connections within our industrial community. We invite you to explore these insightful episodes and stay tuned for more enriching content from AZO Inc. on our blog and beyond.

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