Global Footprint: Three Reasons to Partner with AZO for Manufacturing Success

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In business, we often hear the theory, “think globally, act locally.” However, in the modern, connected age of Industry 4.0, not every business automatically meets global and local needs. 

Building a solid foundation for global and local needs requires implementing advanced technology and fostering strategic partnerships. Finding a model “glocalization” partner is vital in the manufacturing space. This partner should offer the technical expertise and support required while having a local presence in your target markets.

Take AZO, for example. We’re renowned for German engineering and top-tier bulk ingredient handling systems, particularly for the complexities of powders. Our U.S.-based sales operation combines unparalleled sales, design, and project management with robust customer service. And, with sales offices already established in key markets, AZO is the perfect partner for U.S. clients seeking to expand overseas. Here are three reasons AZO stands out as an ideal global partner for industries seeking a glocalization specialist for handling bulk ingredients.

Reason 1: Engineering and Expertise

German engineering excellence is AZO's core and sets us apart from the competition. We offer bespoke powder-handling systems for various manufacturing industries, including pharmaceuticals, personal products, snacks, chemicals, candy confectionery, and plastics. 

This expertise is crucial due to the inherent challenges and risks in handling powdered materials, which require specialized equipment and engineering. For example, granulated sugar can be combustible, dusty, and difficult to move. Setting up a new manufacturing location in a foreign country will require new ingredient supply sources and maybe entirely different kinds of sugar.  Having a global bulk ingredient-handling expert will help ensure your product consistency, regardless of the production location. 

AZO stands out because of this specialization, but the secret sauce is the combination of German engineering and our unmatched project management and customer service. Some competitors may have the product or the service; we prioritize both. Working across diverse industries, we tailor our solutions and support to meet the unique needs of our clients, no matter where they operate.

Reason 2: Localized Service and Support

At AZO, glocalization is more than adapting existing products for new markets; it’s a deeper dive. It’s understanding regional needs, having market insights, and knowing the local culture and ways of conducting business. It also involves having a physical corporate presence in strategic and desirable regions beyond our facilities in Germany and the U.S.

In addition to using manufacturer’s representatives or agents to sell our solutions worldwide, we established “daughter companies” in Belgium, France, the U.K., China, and Thailand. These facilities have locally hired employees, backed by representatives from the German home office, to provide AZO’s personalized sales, engineering, and support services: 

  • Belgium dominates the Benelux bulk ingredient handling market, with special expertise in the plastics industry. The largest of the daughter companies, the Benelux office employs a robust engineering roster and facilitates some local fabrication. 
  • France works with clients in the high-end food industry, as well as pharma and dairy – all of which are significant sectors within French borders. 
  • The U.K. has a small market defined by geography but provides unmatched support for a very specific market.
  • China has been operating for over 20 years. Today, they remain a large and competitive market for AZO clients seeking a foothold in this booming economy. 
  • Thailand is our Southeast Asian regional office located in Bangkok. It serves Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. This favorable business and cultural climate makes it a dynamic market. 

These satellite offices enable our U.S. clients to expand overseas and navigate new markets, backed by our German engineering and American customer service. 

Reason 3: Commitment to Innovation, Quality and Sustainability

We build and optimize systems for longevity, scalability, and mechanical efficiency. We also recognize the need for change to drive innovation. Our adaptability, especially in automation and efficiency, addresses these critical areas:

  • Consistent manufacturing accuracy and product quality in multiple production locations.
  • Addressing and mitigating labor and talent shortages by automating manual tasks. 
  • Reducing energy consumption through technology, such as deploying variable speed motors, decreasing air usage pneumatic conveying, and right sizing equipment used in production. 

This commitment brings significant benefits to sectors like food and beverage. By prioritizing local manufacturing, we enhance product quality and reduce shipping costs, ultimately amplifying ROI for our clients. This commitment underscores our mission to deliver exceptional solutions while promoting economic and environmental sustainability.

Partnering with AZO for Global Manufacturing Success

In a glocalized world, success depends on the ability to navigate both global and local landscapes. With AZO, you are not just partnering with a company, you are forging a path to excellence. From our unparalleled engineering expertise to our tailored, localized support, we are committed to driving your business forward. We prioritize both product and service, and we work across diverse industries – and across borders – to tailor our solutions for the unique challenges of our clients, including where they operate. 

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