AZO Co-Hosts Supply Chain Round Table Discussion with Rovema and Connecting Food

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Join AZO on June 15th at 11am ET as they team up with Rovema and Connecting Food for a roundtable discussion on supply chain traceability and accountability. During this virtual discussion, experts will discuss the importance of supply chain data and how it can add value to each phase of your product’s lifecycle. The group will also provide real-life use cases and how challenges were mitigated.

Panel members will include Kevin Pecha, Sales Manager at AZO, Samantha Gadenne, Global Sales Director at Connecting Food, and Emily Brogan, Marketing Manager at Rovema.

“AZO and Rovema are similar in that they both share German-engineering and American customer service,” said Chuck Kerwin, general manager of AZO Inc. “We both are out in the forefront as market leaders with cutting-edge high-end technology. Now we’ve partnered with Connecting Food for something that is completely new and revolutionary.”

“This is a partnership to talk about something that is cutting edge,” Kerwin said. “Food companies have the ultimate responsibility for truth in labeling. They should be interested in this as it relates to quality control.”

“True traceability is extraordinarily difficult to pull off,” Kerwin said. “Blockchain technology may be the way to figure this out. Everybody’s heard something about the technology, but this is an entirely different use for it.”

“There’s an awful lot of creativity around blockchain technology,” Kerwin said. “Some of it is well-placed and thought out. Some of it is not, but everyone needs to stay up to date and current with the latest technology. This might be the thing that successfully tackles a complicated question long posed by food manufacturers.”

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