Case Study

Achieving Uniformity: Precision Engineering Solves Complex Mixing Challenge in Plastic Film Manufacturing

How AZO's Expertise and Customized Solutions Revolutionized Mixing Consistency for Safety Glass Applications

Introduction to the Challenge

In the realm of bulk ingredient handling and automation, AZO has carved a niche for itself by providing innovative solutions to intricate industry challenges. One such case, involving a client in the plastic film manufacturing sector, highlights the profound impact of AZO's engineering prowess. Dave Pippert, an industry expert and key member of the AZO team, sheds light on this intriguing journey.

The client operates in the specialized domain of producing plastic film for safety glass applications. The challenge they faced was two-fold: dealing with multiple truckloads of materials, each with slight variations, and ensuring effective mixing within a silo. In an industry where product consistency is non-negotiable, any discrepancies in material blending could potentially compromise the quality and functionality of the final product.

The Result:
5 Years

of Efficient Operations with no quality issues associated with inconsistent runs of film from the extruder. 

AZO Design Approach

Dave Pippert, along with the AZO team, embarked on a comprehensive process evaluation to identify a suitable solution. The proposition that emerged was the utilization of a blending silo – a sophisticated system designed to facilitate effective mixing of materials. Extensive research was conducted on potential suppliers, both domestically and internationally. The crux of the challenge lay in locating a supplier capable of delivering a silo of the required size and specifications.

While no material assessment studies were conducted due to the custom nature of the solution, Dave and his team tapped into their engineering expertise to identify a compatible silo design. This design, originating from Germany, met the client's need for a silo without moving parts. The unique engineering consideration of a non-moving part silo required a tailored approach to ensure effective material blending.

Project Management & Installation

AZO's involvement extended beyond engineering and design, with the team overseeing the project's installation to ensure seamless integration. The result was remarkable – the newly implemented system has been operational for five years, with no reported quality issues arising from inconsistent material variations. This achievement underscores the effectiveness of AZO's solution in maintaining uniformity and quality, showcasing the transformative potential of precision engineering.

Result from Working with AZO

This case study exemplifies AZO's commitment to providing tailored engineering solutions that transcend industry challenges. Dave Pippert's insights shed light on how precision engineering, combined with innovative problem-solving, can revolutionize even the most intricate production nuances. As a testament to AZO's expertise, this case study underscores the profound impact of precision engineering on operational excellence and product quality within a complex industry landscape.