Advanced Automation: How Intuitive Design Enhances Control Systems

Knowledge is power

Still, something as complicated as intuitive control system design can take years to properly communicate, right?

Wrong. Now, with “Advanced Automation: How Intuitive Design Enhances Control Systems” you too can quickly understand the essential links between mechanical and electrical when it comes to automated bulk ingredient handling systems.

After reading this free offering, you’ll be able to have conversations about: 

  • Add-on instructions
  • Finite-state programming
  • Alert diagnostics
  • Abnormal exits
  • Event-driven sequencing
  • Batch operations management

It took two companies putting their heads together to simplify the complex. AZO engineers, builds and installs components and complete systems for bulk material handling requirements. BCI, our control system partners, have over 25 years of experience designing, building and installing integrated control systems in automated material conveying systems.

Together we are proud to present “Advanced Automation: How Intuitive Design Enhances Control Systems.” We hope it encourages as many insightful conversations as we had when writing it. Download today and earn your insight into how intuitive control systems benefit operations in the long run. 

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