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Super Sack Unloader Solutions

The super sack unloader is also commonly referred to as a bulk bag unloader, bulk bag dispenser, super sack discharger or big bag unloader. Our heavy-duty super sack unloader will unload and discharge any and all material from bags. Through our German engineering, we are able to provide our customers with the most efficient way to unload super sacks. Our comprehensive range of super sack unloaders and transfer equipment meet the exact and varying requirements of virtually any product or bag. We also offer the opportunity to configure your own super sack unloader and deliver it from stock inventory in Memphis, TN. The AZO super sack unloader is designed to maximize unloading safety and efficiency and will help take your operations to the next level.

AZO's engineering, design and manufacturing expertise helps companies receive powder and bulk ingredients and raw materials; unload, process, blend and handle them through manufacturing; and in some cases even package them for final shipment. Common components of our super sack unloader systems include bulk unloading and loading, dosing, batching and blending, feeding, screening, weighing and conveying. .

Almost all super sack unloader projects start with bulk unloading. And this seemingly simple component is often the first and only place that your operators directly interact with your components. So not only must it feed consistently, but safety, efficiency, cleanliness, durability and product integrity are all key considerations in selecting an FIBC or super sack unloader.

AZO super sack unloaders are modular systems with hoist, storage, vibration and other features

Find The Right Super Sack Unloader

The optimal super sack unloader system enables you to process and measure materials quickly and cost-effectively. Our super sack unloaders at AZO minimize errors and the manpower required to manage the super sack unloading process. Even though unloading materials could seem like a simple process, selecting the wrong bulk bag discharge system could cause product defects, create workplace safety issues and also result in material loss. These are important points to consider when selecting a super sack unloader.

Bulk unloading goes by lots of different names - from super sack unloader, bulk bag discharge, FIBC emptying, or even big bag unloading. The function and goal is the same, but the range of features and options is enormous.

Finding the right device requires understanding of the product to be unloaded and the environment. At AZO we recommend approaching the selection as a series of modular choices.

Many applications are solved efficiently with our stock modular program, and your super sack unloader can be shipped within a few days. In others, specific product and application details require specialized designs. 

Super Sack Unloader For Sale

Find your super sack unloader for sale at AZO. Pricing for the majority of super sack unloaders or bulk bag unloaders with typical options is in the $30 – 40K USD range, although they might exceed $100K in some instances. Wondering what your super sack unloader would cost? Configure yours and get a quote now.

Building the Perfect Super Sack Unloader


Modular Design

  • Height and space limitations
  • Hoist & bag handling
  • Storage
ceiling height and super sack unloader hoist

Hoist & Clearance

  • Electric hoist - safer than forktruck
  • Ceiling height - low and standard heights
  • Engineered rigid frame
super sack unloader bag handling options vibration and massage pads

Safety & Bag Handling

  • Full safety plate protects operators
  • Vibration for complete discharge
  • Massage pads for consistent flow rates
Bucket 4

Bag Spout Coupling

  • Completely sealed
  • 3 Simple, repeatable process steps
  • Dust, leak and contamination free
Bucket 5


  • Continuous operation
  • Various volume options
  • Simplify bag changes
Bucket 6

Lower Frame

  • Protect the storage
  • Operator access
  • Safety

Which Super Sack Unloader is Right for You?

Wondering if one of our stock modular configurations will work for you? Want to think through all the details and options? We understand. We provide a simple configurator and a full, 14-page detailed buying guide. Pick whichever option works for you.

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