AZO Heads to The Powder Show 2023!

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Stop by Booth 2319!

AZO is thrilled to be attending The Powder Show again this year. We'll be answering questions about our complete system and equipment solutions for ingredient handling in the food, chemical, plastics and pharmaceutical industries. Stop by booth #2319 to see the DA Screener and AZO Componenter in action! 

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What you can expect to see from AZO at the show:

AZO Cyclone Screener Model DA

AZO screeners prevent foreign material in bulk solids and liquids from entering the production line process, which is critical to product quality in just about any industry.

Advantages of AZO screening systems include:

  • Separation into two particle size groups based on specified screen size
  • Safety screening
  • Separation of foreign particles
  • Deagglomeration (breaking up clusters)
  • Aeration of products

At The Powder Show, you'll get to see the the Model DA Screener, inside and out!

AZO Cyclone Screener Model DA Specs

  • Built-in dosing screw to regulate feed
  • B1 (direct drive)
  • Specific advantages
    • Low-profile screener (perfect for buildings with height restrictions)
    • Extractable rotors and screws
    • Mounted rails simplify inspection of the screw and to service screens
    • Pins provide alignment for replacing the shafts of the dosing screw and rotor

Cyclone DA


AZO will also be showing the COMPONENTER® batching equipment, which provides you with a well-designed system to automate dosing and batching.

Whether you produce food products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals or plastics, the numerous AZO COMPONENTER® configurations can provide minor- and micro-ingredient automation for your production — rapidly, simply and accurately. And expanding your system at any time is no problem at all. 

Explore our line of AZO COMPONENTER® automated batching equipment here

AZO COMPONENTER Batching Equipment Linear Design with Mobile Scale and BATCHITAINER®

Feel free to schedule a meeting with us at the show to discuss. We hope to see you there!

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